mardi 17 juin 2014

Whereas in the smartphone market, Amazon boasts 240,000 Android applications

While the media are betting on the arrival of Amazon in the smartphone market with an announcement made ​​tomorrow, the merchant cyber boasts a strong increase in its Appstore mobile applications.

Launched in March 2011, the Amazon Appstore for the company was the opportunity to position themselves in a market blooming in offering a directory of applications for Android. At its inception, the platform had only 4,000 titles. We today would count more than 240,000.

The diversity of the Kindle Fire range has indeed contributed to the expansion of the platform, which is now available in 200 countries. The arrival of Amazon in the smartphone market could therefore attract more skilled Android developers and encourage them to publish their applications and updates simultaneously with the Google platform.

Amazon said in a statement to developers that the economic model of its Appstore has borne fruit and publishes figures from a study conducted by IDC with 360 developers of applications for smartphones and tablets. 65% of them would consider that the revenue obtained by application to the Kindle Fire platform would be equivalent or better than those generated on a mobile OS competitor.

According to a study conducted by Flurry in April 2012 Amazon kiosk would also be more profitable than Google Play. For a basis of 1 euro spent on the Apple App Store, 89 cents are at Amazon for only 23 cents in Google. It would be more profitable for a developer to market its Android applications at Amazon. Recall that the platform still had a number of problems in its early stages with few missteps that have discouraged more than one publisher.

Rest in terms of visibility, but Amazon will always be behind the Google Play Store, first publishing point for Android. Interviewed by us in November at the show AppDays Eric Bergaglia responsible for the App Shop in France, returned to the efforts of the company and explained:

We invest in terms of human resources. I have a three-person team responsible for acquiring and working with developers to establish long-term relationships. We have several categories and each has its specialist. They know what applications should be added to the App Store and how to approach the developer. 

Developers appreciate the availability of our teams. We can develop an application on Amazon France but also all European editions for example. We can make good recommendations to consumers based on their previous purchases such as a book or film.

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