samedi 21 juin 2014

A hidden ocean beneath the Earth

American scientists have discovered the presence of an immense ocean located about 600 km below the surface of the Earth.

3 times the volume of Earth's oceans! This is what the study found a tiny little diamond found in Brazil, and was spat by a volcano. The analysis revealed a significant amount of trapped inside the gemstone water.
The team of scientists has published the results of their research in the journal Science.

Where does the water on Earth?

For centuries, scientists are trying to find the answer to this question. Most of them thought that comets ice had fallen, there millennia on this planet. But today, they advance another hypothesis: the water would have been present inside the Earth. She was expelled by volcanoes.

From the water trapped

Water can take many forms: vaporous, solid. That which would be present under our feet solid but not frozen. It would be trapped inside rocks. At this depth, the temperature and pressure which does not allow water to be in liquid form.

A huge water tank

Scientists believe it is possible that the water contained in these rocks can feed the oceans that we know. This would explain why the oceans are about the same size over the centuries ... This water might one day be used to fight against the drought in many parts of the world? The question is, for the moment, not been addressed ...

Amazon Fire Phone, comparing its size with other devices

The recent Amazon Phone Fire debuted on the scene, so here's the inevitable question - How will it hold up against the most prominent smartphones on the market? It will not be a competition benchmark, this comparison will highlight more the size of the phone than anything else against other famous phones including iPhone 5s, HTC One (M8), and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as you can see above. Hereinafter, there will be another image that shows the Fire against the Samsung Galaxy Phone S5, the Sony Xperia Z2, and LG G3.

C’est certain, la taille du téléphone n’est pas le seul critère ou la qualité qu’on devrait considérer pour choisir le bon téléphone pour une utilisation quotidienne, car il y a d’autres éléments à prendre en considération tels que la capacité de la batterie, et la connectivité entre autres, mais c’est un bon début – en particulier si vous savez que vous allez tendre naturellement vers un appareil plus petit ou plus grand. Vous êtes contents qu’Amazon ait enfin lancé le Fire Phone ?

3D on mobile phone

Movie screens screens of mobile phones. 3D jumped in our pockets through new laptop giant Amazon U.S.: Phone the Fire, the "fire phone". Presented Wednesday by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the phone comes out on July 25th in the U.S., impossible to know yet when it will be available internationally. A priori, this is a very simple phone. Display 4.7 inch - is 12 cm - 2 GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera. A camera with image stabilizer, but above a unlimited storage, unlike all the other phones on the market. Its price, moreover, should be quite reasonable: 200-300 dollars in the United States with a subscription.

It had been several days that the Internet was buzzing with rumors of a 3D phone. Amazon confirms these rumors and creates the surprise: the new phone will be equipped with 3D technology. A "dynamic perspective" interface called, which runs according to the position of the user's face. These are four cameras, infrared sensors, placed on the front of the unit that identify precisely the orientation of the face. They follow eye movements and adjust the display accordingly. This is less of a 3D illusion of 3D effect. A hologram effect somehow. A true depth image on the screen, with a focal point that moves according to the movement of the user.

The sensors have another advantage. The ability to control your smartphone without touching it. We can lean left or right to move images and photos, or forward an article to scroll. Demonstrations are quite convincing, but other phones have already tried this experiment before, without much success. This dynamic perspective presents a difficulty: infrared cameras must be very precise. It must not face another passenger on a crowded subway for example can divert the image, or parasitize the 3D effect.

Then, the unit may represent a leap forward in smartphone with a technology that would inspire all other manufacturers, or just a single event in the landscape of the smart phone. In any case, this new phone has an advantage for Amazon: it is a way to retain a true customer ... A bit like Apple and its products online. The direction of the U.S. online sales platform was not yet stormed the smartphone market. But the Fire Phone should serve as a Trojan horse to make a user a real Amazon customer. The user will be encouraged to buy content from Amazon, online books, music, TV, movies and the Amazon cloud, which offers unlimited storage ...

mardi 17 juin 2014

Whereas in the smartphone market, Amazon boasts 240,000 Android applications

While the media are betting on the arrival of Amazon in the smartphone market with an announcement made ​​tomorrow, the merchant cyber boasts a strong increase in its Appstore mobile applications.

Launched in March 2011, the Amazon Appstore for the company was the opportunity to position themselves in a market blooming in offering a directory of applications for Android. At its inception, the platform had only 4,000 titles. We today would count more than 240,000.

The diversity of the Kindle Fire range has indeed contributed to the expansion of the platform, which is now available in 200 countries. The arrival of Amazon in the smartphone market could therefore attract more skilled Android developers and encourage them to publish their applications and updates simultaneously with the Google platform.

Amazon said in a statement to developers that the economic model of its Appstore has borne fruit and publishes figures from a study conducted by IDC with 360 developers of applications for smartphones and tablets. 65% of them would consider that the revenue obtained by application to the Kindle Fire platform would be equivalent or better than those generated on a mobile OS competitor.

According to a study conducted by Flurry in April 2012 Amazon kiosk would also be more profitable than Google Play. For a basis of 1 euro spent on the Apple App Store, 89 cents are at Amazon for only 23 cents in Google. It would be more profitable for a developer to market its Android applications at Amazon. Recall that the platform still had a number of problems in its early stages with few missteps that have discouraged more than one publisher.

Rest in terms of visibility, but Amazon will always be behind the Google Play Store, first publishing point for Android. Interviewed by us in November at the show AppDays Eric Bergaglia responsible for the App Shop in France, returned to the efforts of the company and explained:

We invest in terms of human resources. I have a three-person team responsible for acquiring and working with developers to establish long-term relationships. We have several categories and each has its specialist. They know what applications should be added to the App Store and how to approach the developer. 

Developers appreciate the availability of our teams. We can develop an application on Amazon France but also all European editions for example. We can make good recommendations to consumers based on their previous purchases such as a book or film.

samedi 14 juin 2014

Low-cost smartphone by Mozilla

25 dollars is the price and the announcement was made at the last "Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona" which was held last winter. Mozilla is going to market a low-cost smartphone.

This device is intended for emerging markets and it will be present in India, Taiwan and Indonesia. They are both leaders in India who produce this device and it comes Intex and Spice companies. As for China, it will take care of the production of microchips. At this price, it is clear that this Smartphone will be more basic, but Mozilla's goal is to equip the poor in countries where currently a $ 50 phone remains inaccessible. For Time magazine, Mozilla also aims to establish itself in the operating systems. Must say that this smartphone will be sold with the Firefox OS software?

vendredi 13 juin 2014

Blackphone, keep your personal data

Innovation: The foldable home

Kent Larson, architect and professor at the MIT Media Lab, introduced the latest innovation output laboratories Masschusetts Institute of Technology, the famous Boston University. This project, called CityHome aims to simplify the lives of young professionals seeking housing in cities under increasing gentrification, like New York or San Francisco. Home City is in the form of a module of 60 square meters which unfolds in an apartment of 256 square meters near a simple movement of the hand, like control commands of the Wii console.

This new model is based on a RoboWall technology: a module inside the device allows you to reconfigure the interior to the environment, and options include a guest room, a storage space or two workrooms . Furniture can thus unfold in a single movement of the hand, a table for 14 people can be stored to make room for a double bed, without the need for special physical efforts.

Several solutions have already been mentioned: thus, the former mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg supports the marketing of a flat scale model, while Kent Larson prefers to focus on space focusing on systems and functional storage offering a more affordable price. Larson wants to go beyond the conceptual proposal and hopes to commercialize the prototype already available in the premises of the Media Lab shortly.

Product: Blackphone protects the drift of the NSA and Google incursions

Faced with repeated misuse of personal data scandals, both by monitoring agencies state that the giants of Silicon Valley, a new phone co-produced by Silent Circle and Geekshpone provides comparable smartphones basic mobile experience but continuously protecting user information. Phil Zimmermann, Silent Circle and Javier Agüera in charge of the project Blackphone discussed various issues and technical devices that surround this new product, marketed a priori by the end of June.

Blackphone allows eg to browse the internet anonymously and encrypt messages and calls (audio and video) to prevent any form of data recovery. The first model to be sold for around 629 dollars and is based on Android operating system. Thus, by communicating a blackphone to another, the entire communication is encrypted and defies hacking attempt. This service also works when communicating with another type of phone.

More innovative still Blackphone protects data brewed applications and operators: Facebook or Google for example, be unable to monetize their applications with personal data of users. The company has announced several partnerships with operators from different continents, and plans to deliver several million models in the second half of 2014. Zimmermann has also announced that U.S. government agencies, Australian or Canadian would be interested in strategic partnerships. Silent Circle had conducted its first fundraiser in late May at Cain Capital LCC, totaling nearly $ 30 million.

Evolution: Vinod Khosla predicts the advent of a new personalized medicine

Keynote conference, one of the most respected business angels Valley, Vinod Khosla, took this opportunity to recall some of its key ideas about the future of medicine and the care industry. The co-founder of Sun Microsystems, whose tweets and articles are closely followed by investors and entrepreneurs in San Francisco, had already announced in late 2012 with a bang that within a decade, nearly 80% of doctors would replaced by machines. Alarming detail in his article "Do we need doctors or algorithms? "Under more eloquent, and in which Khosla will even compare the current practice of medicine to voodoo science or of medieval witchcraft, given the persistence of randomness in the development of diagnostics. His firm venture capital and focuses on medical innovations that capitalize on the mobile channel, and offer client-centered services.

Khosla Ventures has invested in AliveCor, an iPhone case that allows you to instantly measure your heart rate or CellScope, an application that turns a smartphone into a portable microscope used to detect ear infections. Late last week, Khosla had addressed a public directly affected by the evolution of medicine: the students of the School of Medicine, Stanford, on the occasion of a conference on Big Data and biomedicine. The goal of many start-ups and laboratories in Silicon Valley is to invest more in the "Data Science" that can bring more benefits to the evolution of medicine that all life science together. The growing wave of wearables as FitBit that Khosla also wore wrist is the first gateway to this new type of predictive medicine in the American public.

NASA is working on a ship in superluminal speed inspired by Star Trek?

NASA is already exploring the possibility of interplanetary travel using advanced technologies. One method being studied is the mechanism by Mark Rademaker, a warp drive. But even fancier methods are already devised by NASA scientists as the "wormhole".

Mark Rademaker has worked with Harold G.White, NASA engineer, a "spaceship" a warp drive, similar to the Star Trek ship. This engine allow the man to go faster than the fastest time of the spacecraft Helios satellite, which could reach 720,000 KM / H, and should be launched in 2018.

Science has enabled man to discover various methods (theoretical) to circumvent the barrier of the speed of light, which can never be exceeded by Einstein.

Scientists do not accept these limitations and many hypotheses have been explored to avoid the problem. For example, the fact of going through a "wormhole" would instantly move through space.

Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican engineer, proposed in 1994 the theory of possibility of extending the space for it contracts in front of a spaceship, and it extends behind him. This would allow a spacecraft "surfing" within the space as a kind of negative energy bubble that does not cross the "wall of light".

In this case, the bubble would only change the space, which again is consistent with Einstein's theory. This process has been called the Alcubierre metric, as its author.

This theory also has disadvantages. Some physicists, such a spacecraft can generate energy capable of destroying everything in its path.

Man Will it start to conquer the stars next few decades? If we trust NASA, it could well happen even though it will take some time.

lundi 9 juin 2014

Huawei announces octa-core chipset Kirin 920; promises better performance than 805 Snapdragon

Huawei announced its next-generation chipset, the Kirin 920. It is based on the ARM architecture big.
LITTLE and consists of 4 core Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 4 cores, capable of operating simultaneously.

The clock of the A15 going from 1.7 GHz to 2.0 GHz, while the A7 range from 1.3 GHz to 1.6 GHz
 The GPU chipset is used in the Mali-T628MP4 quad-core processor, a variation used on the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Note S5 - in devices from Samsung, however. GPU has 6 cores. Other features include support for LTE chip category 6, and supports video recording in 4K resolution and display resolution with up to Quad-HD.The first device to use the new chip will be the top-of-line has not yet announced the company, which has code-named Mulan. It will display with 1080p resolution, 3GB of RAM, 13 MP camera and bear record videos in 4K.Huawei has a certain ambition with its new chipset, saying he is more powerful than the current top of the line chipsets such as 801 Snapdragon, Exynos 5420 and MediaTek MT6592. The company even comes to better performance that has not even launched Snapdragon 805.

And the benchmark results of Mulan, which came out this week, it looks like he has that potential.

See below:

New scientific revelations about the origin of the moon

Scientific research published Thursday in the journal Science found that the Moon formed from a collision between Earth and a celestial body called Theia, there are about 4.5 billion years.Theia, an object the size of Mars collided with the Earth, creating debris that came together under the influence of gravity to form the moon, planetary scientists believe most.To confirm this hypothesis, researchers have focused on the measurement of oxygen isotope ratios of titanium, silicon, and other elements.These ratios vary in the solar system, so that the similarity between those of Earth and Moon contradicts the theoretical models of the collision, according to which the Moon is mostly composed of materials from Theia, thereby making the different from the Earth in its composition.German researchers conducted further, more specific, these isotope ratios on Earth and lunar samples brought back by the Apollo missions."The differences are small and difficult to detect but they are there," said Daniel Herwartz, a geologist at the University of Cologne in Germany, for whom these results mean that "can be reasonably sure that this giant collision has occurred, which gives an idea of ​​the geochemical composition of Theia. ""The next goal is to establish the proportion of materials from Theia located in the Moon," added Mr. Herwartz.Most hypotheses believe that the moon is formed from 70 to 90% Théia materials and 10 to 30% of earth materials. However, according to some models, the Moon would be composed only 8% of materials Theia.


The French high-tech company Aldebaran Robotics has designed, on behalf of the Internet holding Japanese Softbank, the robot Pepper, able to adapt its behavior to the state of mind of his interlocutors. Be based on "universal" emotions (joy, surprise, anger, doubt, sadness), then analyze facial expressions, body language and words to guess what state of mind is his interlocutor that is the main function Pepper. Designed to integrate into the daily lives of humans and assist in repetitive, strenuous or dangerous tasks, this robot was designed by the French high-tech company Aldebaran Robotics on behalf of its majority shareholder holding Japanese Softbank. Marketing will begin in February 2015, with an entrance at 198 000 yen (about 1,420 euros) ticket. Presented during a conference in Tokyo June 5, Pepper is essentially the area of ​​personal services (childcare, care for the elderly or frail). Able to communicate by voice and touch, it measures 1.21 m and weighs 28 kg including its battery offering 12 hours of autonomy. Taiwanese subcontractor Foxconn, which supports manufacturing, preferred wheels legs that propel the other two models Aldebaran Robotics (Nao and Romeo). But the main attribute Pepper, it is this set of sensors and algorithms that allow it to deepen daily relationship with his owner. At the moment, the spectrum of emotions is still limited. Softbank put on automatic learning by several exemplary situation in several of its stores in Tokyo. It is in contact with customers that the machine will store new information it forward in the cloud and then redistribute to all Pepper robots. The other major contribution will come from developers and animators, asked to use an open platform and SDK (software development kit) "which will soon be available to them," according to Masayoshi Son. The CEO of Softbank announces a conference dedicated in September. Aldebaran Robotics opening for its part, to Paris, to present workshops Nao, Pepper and their ecosystem. The company employs nearly 500 people. Founded in 2005, it has several research centers in the world: Boston (USA), Shanghai (China) and Tokyo.

For the first time, a computer has passed the Turing test

A computer program was able for a scientific exchange texts pretending to be a 13 year old boy test. This is a milestone in the history of computing and even technology and science. For the first time, a computer program was able to fool researchers posing as a 13 year old boy named Eugene Goostman. By passing this, a computer was able to pass the famous Alan Turing test in 1950 designed to measure the ability of a machine to "think." The test is wrong at least 30% of human judges in 5 minutes through exchanges of texts. Until today no machine had never passed the test.Eugene Goostman was created by a team of Russian computer and passed a test organized by the British University of Reading. He got 33%. "Our main idea was that he knew he could say anything, but his age was perfectly plausible that he did not know everything," says Vladimir Veselov, one of the creators of the program. "We spent a lot of time developing a character with a plausible personality," he adds."Having a computer can fool a human and lead them to think that someone or something is even a person in whom we trust and an alarm signal on cybercrime," said the newspaper The Independent Kevin Warwick professor at the University of Reading. "The Turing test is an essential tool to combat this threat," he adds.The test was held Saturday, June 7 by the Royal Society and placed in competition 5 programs. Including judges included Lord Sharkey who led the successful campaign for the rehabilitation and pardon Alan Turing was finally granted last year posthumously.This British mathematician died there 60 years in 1954 is considered the father of computer science. Celebrated every year since 1966, with an award bearing his name, which is the Nobel Prize of Computing, he was persecuted because of his homosexuality, humiliated and driven to suicide.It was however one of unsung heroes of the Second World War. According to historians, his work has just been reduced by about two years the resilience of the Nazi regime. Assisted by Polish scientific research, he managed to break the formulas including encryption Enigma encryption machine used by the German army for its secret communications.Alan Turing created the test in 1950 that bears his name because it is particularly difficult to define what thinking more from a machine. What matters in this test is the ability of a machine to imitate and reproduce the pattern of thought of a human that became one of the goals of artificial intelligence.

An iWatch iOS 8 with curved OLED screen in October?

According to the very serious Nikkei, Apple will offer its iWatch in October, and the latter has a curved OLED screen 8 and iOS. The iWatch with iOS 8 and a curved OLED screen? In addition to the recurring rumors about the future iPhone 6, Apple also stirred the canvas with his future iWatch, which has not yet been formalized, but the information still coming from all sides. Today, it is generally well informed Nikkei magazine says Apple iWatch future come out in October 2014. Watch Apple also benefit from a specific version of iOS 8 and a screen OLED curved. Nikkei obviously takes as sources of specialized industries in developing screens, a subcontractor might even already received large orders, to produce nearly 5 million units per month. Also according to Nikkei, Apple would also be much closer to Nike, and it will play an important role in the iWatch American giant. A perfectly viable option, since Apple has already confirmed the very "Health" orientation of its future iOS with HealthKit 8. Recall that Nike has been market player sports watch, including the Nike + GPS range, developed with TomTom. Now the question is what Apple actually provided us with this hypothetical iWatch in terms of design, functionality ... because remember, Apple is currently no formalized the implementation of any iWatch site.