vendredi 13 juin 2014

NASA is working on a ship in superluminal speed inspired by Star Trek?

NASA is already exploring the possibility of interplanetary travel using advanced technologies. One method being studied is the mechanism by Mark Rademaker, a warp drive. But even fancier methods are already devised by NASA scientists as the "wormhole".

Mark Rademaker has worked with Harold G.White, NASA engineer, a "spaceship" a warp drive, similar to the Star Trek ship. This engine allow the man to go faster than the fastest time of the spacecraft Helios satellite, which could reach 720,000 KM / H, and should be launched in 2018.

Science has enabled man to discover various methods (theoretical) to circumvent the barrier of the speed of light, which can never be exceeded by Einstein.

Scientists do not accept these limitations and many hypotheses have been explored to avoid the problem. For example, the fact of going through a "wormhole" would instantly move through space.

Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican engineer, proposed in 1994 the theory of possibility of extending the space for it contracts in front of a spaceship, and it extends behind him. This would allow a spacecraft "surfing" within the space as a kind of negative energy bubble that does not cross the "wall of light".

In this case, the bubble would only change the space, which again is consistent with Einstein's theory. This process has been called the Alcubierre metric, as its author.

This theory also has disadvantages. Some physicists, such a spacecraft can generate energy capable of destroying everything in its path.

Man Will it start to conquer the stars next few decades? If we trust NASA, it could well happen even though it will take some time.

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