samedi 21 juin 2014

A hidden ocean beneath the Earth

American scientists have discovered the presence of an immense ocean located about 600 km below the surface of the Earth.

3 times the volume of Earth's oceans! This is what the study found a tiny little diamond found in Brazil, and was spat by a volcano. The analysis revealed a significant amount of trapped inside the gemstone water.
The team of scientists has published the results of their research in the journal Science.

Where does the water on Earth?

For centuries, scientists are trying to find the answer to this question. Most of them thought that comets ice had fallen, there millennia on this planet. But today, they advance another hypothesis: the water would have been present inside the Earth. She was expelled by volcanoes.

From the water trapped

Water can take many forms: vaporous, solid. That which would be present under our feet solid but not frozen. It would be trapped inside rocks. At this depth, the temperature and pressure which does not allow water to be in liquid form.

A huge water tank

Scientists believe it is possible that the water contained in these rocks can feed the oceans that we know. This would explain why the oceans are about the same size over the centuries ... This water might one day be used to fight against the drought in many parts of the world? The question is, for the moment, not been addressed ...

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