samedi 21 juin 2014

3D on mobile phone

Movie screens screens of mobile phones. 3D jumped in our pockets through new laptop giant Amazon U.S.: Phone the Fire, the "fire phone". Presented Wednesday by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the phone comes out on July 25th in the U.S., impossible to know yet when it will be available internationally. A priori, this is a very simple phone. Display 4.7 inch - is 12 cm - 2 GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera. A camera with image stabilizer, but above a unlimited storage, unlike all the other phones on the market. Its price, moreover, should be quite reasonable: 200-300 dollars in the United States with a subscription.

It had been several days that the Internet was buzzing with rumors of a 3D phone. Amazon confirms these rumors and creates the surprise: the new phone will be equipped with 3D technology. A "dynamic perspective" interface called, which runs according to the position of the user's face. These are four cameras, infrared sensors, placed on the front of the unit that identify precisely the orientation of the face. They follow eye movements and adjust the display accordingly. This is less of a 3D illusion of 3D effect. A hologram effect somehow. A true depth image on the screen, with a focal point that moves according to the movement of the user.

The sensors have another advantage. The ability to control your smartphone without touching it. We can lean left or right to move images and photos, or forward an article to scroll. Demonstrations are quite convincing, but other phones have already tried this experiment before, without much success. This dynamic perspective presents a difficulty: infrared cameras must be very precise. It must not face another passenger on a crowded subway for example can divert the image, or parasitize the 3D effect.

Then, the unit may represent a leap forward in smartphone with a technology that would inspire all other manufacturers, or just a single event in the landscape of the smart phone. In any case, this new phone has an advantage for Amazon: it is a way to retain a true customer ... A bit like Apple and its products online. The direction of the U.S. online sales platform was not yet stormed the smartphone market. But the Fire Phone should serve as a Trojan horse to make a user a real Amazon customer. The user will be encouraged to buy content from Amazon, online books, music, TV, movies and the Amazon cloud, which offers unlimited storage ...

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