lundi 9 juin 2014

An iWatch iOS 8 with curved OLED screen in October?

According to the very serious Nikkei, Apple will offer its iWatch in October, and the latter has a curved OLED screen 8 and iOS. The iWatch with iOS 8 and a curved OLED screen? In addition to the recurring rumors about the future iPhone 6, Apple also stirred the canvas with his future iWatch, which has not yet been formalized, but the information still coming from all sides. Today, it is generally well informed Nikkei magazine says Apple iWatch future come out in October 2014. Watch Apple also benefit from a specific version of iOS 8 and a screen OLED curved. Nikkei obviously takes as sources of specialized industries in developing screens, a subcontractor might even already received large orders, to produce nearly 5 million units per month. Also according to Nikkei, Apple would also be much closer to Nike, and it will play an important role in the iWatch American giant. A perfectly viable option, since Apple has already confirmed the very "Health" orientation of its future iOS with HealthKit 8. Recall that Nike has been market player sports watch, including the Nike + GPS range, developed with TomTom. Now the question is what Apple actually provided us with this hypothetical iWatch in terms of design, functionality ... because remember, Apple is currently no formalized the implementation of any iWatch site.

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